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Lindbergh Symphonic Band to Perform at MMEA Conference

2014_1202 Symphonic band (1)The Lindbergh High School Symphonic Band has been selected to perform at the Missouri Music Educators Conference (MMEA) at Tan-Tar-A Resort in Osage Beach, MO on Saturday, January 31st 2015.

The Missouri Music Educations Association consists of over 3,000 music educators and encourages everyone to join together as advocates for music education in our schools.

MMEA holds a Workshop and Conference each year to promote music education.

The Lindbergh High School Symphonic Band will proudly represent the Lindbergh Music Program.

Jazz Ensemble to Perform at Midwest Clinic

jazzensembleThe Lindbergh High School Jazz Ensemble has been selected to perform at the 68th Annual Midwest Clinic International Band, Orchestra and Music Conference in Chicago this December.

The Midwest Clinic is the world’s largest instrumental music education conference, including 17,000 attendees from all 50 states and more than 30 countries. The Clinic has been held annually in Chicago since its inception in 1946,

LHS is only the fifth Missouri high school ever to be invited to perform at the clinic..


The LHS Jazz Ensemble meets daily and is directed by David Wyss. The Jazz Ensemble has a long tradition of performing in front of local, state and national audiences.

The Ensemble has performed in front of an audience of 8,000 educators at the 2009 National School Board Association Conference, for a room full of the country’s best directors at the Tournament of Roses Director’s Breakfast in 2010 and has participated in numerous Jazz competitions.

The Jazz Ensemble always impresses and amazes its audiences with Lindbergh students’ exceptional talent.


Missouri All-State Audition Results – 2014/2015

LINDBERGH was well represented at the All-State Band/Jazz Band auditions that took place this past Saturday in Columbia, MO!

34 Lindbergh students auditioned and 23 received honors!

Congratulations to all of the students that attended. Making it to Columbia is a big feat in itself!

All-State Band

Zachary Foulks (11)- 1st chair Clarinet

Asher Harris (10)- 9th chair Clarinet

Matthew Reveal (10)- 10th chair Clarinet

Melissa Frisch (10)- 17th chair Clarinet

Aaron Weatherby (10)- 6th chair Trumpet

All-State Jazz

Kennedy Sabin (11)- 1st Trumpet

Johnny Weber (12)- 2nd Trumpet

Alex Mullins (10)- Bass Trombone

Justin Woods (12)- Guitar

Mike Mullins (9)- Drum Set

All-State Band Honorable Mention

Taylor Alicea (11)- Clarinet

Samantha Sample (10)- Clarinet

Molly Stolze (11)- Clarinet

William Goetz (10)- Trombone

Alex Lucarz (12)- Trumpet

Brooklyn Banning (10)- Tuba

Andrew Senol (12)- Tuba

All-State Jazz Alternate

Steven Johnson (12)- Alto Sax

Tallis Lockos (12)- Bass Trombone

Michael Bock (11)- Drum Set

Drew Jacobs (12)- Trombone

All-State Jazz Honorable Mention

Matt Reveal (10)- Alto Sax

Andrew Senol (12)- Trombone

Again, Congratulations to all of these students and GO LINDBERGH!!!

LHS All-Suburban Band Results 2014-2015

Congratulations to the 47 students from Lindbergh High School that were selected to the 2014-2015 All-Suburban Jazz and Concert Bands!

Here are a few statistics from the results:

  • *7 Lindbergh students earned first chair
  • 6 students from Lindbergh made both concert and jazz band
  • 57% of the Lindbergh students that auditioned were selected
  • 70% of the Lindbergh students that auditioned were selected as either a member or an alternate
  • 70% of all students who auditioned for the All Suburban Jazz and Concert Bands were selected from Lindbergh!

The following Lindbergh students were selected:

All-Suburban Concert Band Members:

Anna Pearl Wright, 12 – Flute (2nd chair) Elma Kuduzovic, 12 – Flute (Alternate 1) Katie Mootz, 12 – Oboe (3rd chair) Josh Guehring, 9 – Bassoon (4th chair) Zach Foulks, 11 – Clarinet (1st chair) Matt ReVeal, 10 – Clarinet (2nd chair) Melissa Frisch, 10 – Clarinet (4th chair) Asher Harris, 10 – Clarinet (5th chair) Leah Anderson-Little, 10 – Clarinet (10th chair) Kendall DeHart, 12 – Clarinet (14th chair) Samantha Sample, 10 – Clarinet (15th chair) Taylor Alicea, 11 – Clarinet (21st chair) Molly Stolze, 11 – Clarinet (24th chair) Molly Farrell, 11 – Bass Clarinet (4th chair) Kaitlyn Hoevelmann, 10 – Tenor Sax (1st chair) Alex Lucarz, 12 – Trumpet (5th chair) Kennedy Sabin, 11 – Trumpet (chose jazz) Aaron Weatherby, 10 – Trumpet (9th chair) Ian Smith, 12 – Trumpet (chose jazz) Will Goetz, 10 – Trombone (4th chair) Drew Jacobs, 12 – Trombone (chose jazz) Alex Mullins, 10 – Trombone (chose jazz) Jacob Dairaghi, 9 – Baritone (alternate 2) Brooklyn Banning, 10 – Tuba (2nd chair) Andrew Senol, 12 – Tuba (chose jazz)

All-Suburban Jazz Band Members:

Steven Johnson, 12 – 1st Alto Sax Matt ReVeal, 10 – 2nd Alto Sax (chose concert) Jon Mullins, 10 – Tenor Sax (alternate 1) Zach Foulks, 11 – Tenor Sax (alternate 2) Claire Vogl, 11 – Bari Sax (alternate) Kennedy Sabin, 11 – 1st Trumpet Ian Smith, 12 – 2nd Trumpet Johnny Weber, 12 – 3rd Trumpet Alex Lucarz, 12 – Trumpet (alternate 2) Drew Jacobs, 12 – 2nd Trombone Andrew Senol, 12 – 3rd Trombone Will Goetz, 10 – Trombone (alternate 1) Alex Mullins, 10 – Bass Trombone Tallis Lockos, 12 – Bass Trombone (alternate) Justin Woods, 12 – Guitar Amanda Meyer, 10 – Bass (alternate) Michael Mullins, 9 – Drum Set Michael Bock, 11 – Drum Set (alternate)

You can see the All-Suburban Band and Jazz Bands perform on
Sunday, January 11 at Ladue High School. The concert begins at 2PM

Marching in Savannah and Beyond

'Marching in Savannah And Beyond'


The Spirit of St Louis Marching Band will be traveling to Savannah, Georgia in March 2015 to participate in the 2015 St. Patrick's Day Parade. The band will be proudly representing its home state of Missouri and Lindbergh High School.


The Lindbergh High School Spirit of St. Louis Marching Band was selected and has performed in the world-famous Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California New Year’s Day 2005 & 2011.

The band was selected from hundreds of applicants world-wide as one of 22 participating bands. The band showcased its style as it paraded the five and a half-mile parade route down the famed Colorado Boulevard, representing St. Louis and the state of Missouri to the world!


The Spirit of St Louis Marching Band has had the honor of performing in numerous events both in the local St Louis area as well as in other parts of the world. The band has performed at the Paris Air Show, in London, England, at the King Kamehameha Parade in Honolulu, and the World Series Champion Parades.

The band continues to represent the “Spirit of St. Louis” both near and far.

Participating in our many Fund-Raisers, Sponsorships, Corporate Partnerships, and Personal Donation opportunities available through the Bandstanders organization are tax deductible under our 501(c)(3)charter.